Sparkle Radio; The Brand New Internet Sound

Welcome to Sparkle Radio Dot Net; the brand new sound on the Internet

Sparkle Radio is a concept driven by fun; motivated by listening and broadcasting pleasure, collaboration, entertainment and, above all else, enjoyment. If you'd like more information regarding getting involved with the project, please see below for broadcasters information.

Once we become established, we will be able to arrange regular schedules we hope. Keen broadcasters though we are, we cannot do it all ourselves. We are doing our bit; funding the venture, providing what we hope are great opportunities for others.

So here we go! If you'd like to listen and then provide us with feedback, here's how to do it. First of all, use the listen page as your starting point. From there, you will be able to listen to what we have to offer, make requests, contact the presenters and most important of all, have fun.

If you're interesting in learning about the various broadcasting options which are currently available, including software tools and information about downloading them, visit the broadcasters page. Please note that any views, observations or opinions expressed anywhere on this website are soly those of Sparkle Radio, and are in no way intended as promotional material for any external company or organisation.

So, just enjoy what we have to offer. We are actively working on enhancing our service by bringing a dynamic and interactive web experience; watch this space.

Sparkle Radio is, like its sister organisation Mac Access Dot Net, a non-profit organisation whose aims are purely entertainment, having fun and education. If you'd like to contact the developers/administrators of this website, please click here.

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